Thursday, July 7, 2011


Tonight I took a bubble bath and read a magazine in the tub. Admittedly it was a June 2009 addition of Cookie Magazine that has sat in our bathroom for 3 years now (back when I had time to read parenting magazines ;) lol). And of course by "read" I really mean "skimmed", and by "bubble bath" I mean a few of Jet's leftover suds were still in the tub when I ran the water for me. But nevertheless...for 10 minutes I slipped into a carefree zen-like state.

Less than one article in...momma-hood called, and I was out and I can't complain...cause tucking this little guy in bed is the best job in the world.

And it was nice to relax for even 10 minutes. As a child, I never understood the phrase "We're gonna need a vacation from this vacation!"
I kinda do now.
Cause when you vacation don't really do it to do it for the fun, the family time, the memories, the experience.
And we vacationed BIG.

Like venti-decaf-iced-mocha-big. Oh yeah. Big stuff.
Actually, our vacation was even bigger than that.

We arrived in sunny CA without a hitch, ready for everything we had planned, anxious for the fun to begin, wondering if it'd be everything we'd hoped it would be...

And after one day of the breeze, the beach, and the beautiful feeling we had from just being there together...

...we knew it was.

And we couldn't wait for the rest of it.


Sarah Hull said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE THOSE PICTURES! You are seriously a photo journalist! You have the eye! I love those pictures! So fun to see you in pictures in these neck of the woods! SO FUN! Can't wait for the rest! You left us hanging!!!

Summers Family said...

What a beautiful first day in Cali :-) I love your headband - so cute!

Stephanie said...

Looks like you had great weather and a wonderful time. I hope to get back to Cali someday. Sigh...and for the record, iced mochas are my FAVORITE. :)

HennHouse said...

LOVE it! What an adorable family and a great vacation!

krousehouse said...

Great photos and looks like so much fun!

JourneyWithTheCrosiers said...

Gorgeous beach-ish pictures. You have me wanting more!!! Jet in that California-style hat is absolutely precious!

Jill said...

So gorgeous!!! I want to be there!

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