Monday, November 15, 2010

A Fun offer for fellow Bloggers!

Attention Blogger Buddies!

You can get 50 FREE Holiday cards from Shutterfly with a promo code that they, themselves will send to you! All you have to do is write a 150+ word post on what card you like the best!! You can't beat free! ;-)

I saw this offer on another friends blog and had to do it myself! Christmas cards can be time consuming but I love getting them and Shutterfly has so many cute designs this year! Last year was our first year doing Christmas cards (had to show off the little guy of course!) and I loved how they turned out. This year we are using Shutterfly and I can't wait to get started! There are so many beautiful cards to choose from! One that instantly caught my eye is this one:

I love the contrasting colors and the simple design. The message is short and sweet and matches the youthful look of the card. The fact that the photo is the focal point made this design an instant favorite (you know I love pictures! lol) and it keeps it from looking too busy. I can picture my own little guy on the front which of course would be just precious. :) Right?!

I also love this card:

It has the option of using multiple photos (if I can't make up my mind!) and I like the contrast of the black with the faded green and red. Of course it will depend on the picture we choose and I haven't quite narrowed that down yet but I can't wait to decide on the perfect picture for our Christmas card!
So don't wait! Check it out for yourself!

· photo Christmas cards to

· wall calendar to

· gift tags to

***Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly… learn more:

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Lindsay said...

ooo... i'm going to do this too!!!

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