Tuesday, May 31, 2011


This holiday weekend we had more than one reason to celebrate.

So we celebrated them all.

We celebrated birthdays and the fabulous festivities they bring.

We celebrated themed-parties, colorful decorations and "monkeying-around."

We celebrated sweet treats, snack-time staples, and special appearances.

We celebrated cooking out...and hanging out.

We celebrated the simplicity of summer, and sandals, and laughter in the kitchen.

We celebrated the art of sidewalk chalk...

...the art of capturing a 2 year old's picture...

...and the uniquely profound art of "the bunny-face."

We celebrated silliness and messy faces covered with frosting.

We celebrated childhood....

And the inner child...

We celebrated family...

Lots and lots of family...

We celebrated bubbles, and buddies...

(though by the sour look on Jet's face I'd be surprised if sweet little David still wants to be buddies. lol.)

... and hiding your "baby bump" under brightly colored bouncy balls.

(silly girls didn't want their pictures made...despite the fact that they look adorable.)

We celebrated friendships that only seem to grow sweeter (and sillier) with time. :)

And we celebrated miracles...and all the sweetness they bring.

The powerful emotions one feels when looking at the sweetest of blessings - their future already a mix of hardship and happiness - a perfect reflection of what life is for all of us.

In this life we are faced with stresses and challenges. Each day can present us with new worries and anxieties. We will all experience times of frustration, fear, helplessness and heartbreak. It is part of life. It is certain. It is difficult. But it is during those times that we will pull from the reserves - these times of celebration. Times when we felt the support of our family and friends around us - and drew peace from it. Times when we witnessed the carefree play of little children - and felt joy in it. Times when we experienced the happiness a sunny, summer day can bring - and were renewed by it.
Times of rest. Times of contentment. Times of gratitude. Times of love.
Times when we stopped the everyday - and took time to celebrate.

Like this weekend.

When we celebrated life.

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