Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Still Thankful

I'm not even going to discuss how another month escaped without me blogging - my last November blog was about OCTOBER for cryin out loud! lol. But rather than get frazzled or give up - I'm just gonna pick up where we left off and try to get caught up a little bit. After all - we have been one busy-livin' family this season!

I'd say "I don't know where the time went"...but I know exactly where it went.

It went to frolicking in the foliage.
(seriously folks, if that's not frolicking I don't know what is.)

And seeking out the source of all those wonderful leaves.

(Attention all grandparents - no children were left unsupervised during this tree climb. The camera makes him look really high - but he was very safe. :) And carefree. My little fearless.)

Playing inside on chilly mornings....

...then playing at the park in the late afternoon.

The ever-constant battle of Jet vs. Hats.

Jet won. Again.

It went to meeting new friends...

(Sweet little Grayson - our newest SB buddy who we got to meet as they were traveling through town.)

...and time with best friends - cousin friends that is.

It went to fun terrifying hayrides...

He was so cute and unaware...

And then the motor started...

And they're off...

oh well...maybe next year.

...and gigantic leaf piles.

(Jet would rake up all the leaves and then Jane would jump in them and mess them all up! Can you believe that? No? Neither can I. ;) Love these babies.)

(Jet looking too stinkin' big for his britches.)

It went to holiday baking...

...and seasonal delights.

It went to visits from sweet little cousins...

... taking the opportunity for some family photos...

...okay and maybe lots of more of just the babies..

... and enjoying everyone together for Thanksgiving.

It went to celebrating two special 1st birthdays...

..and re-celebrating someone's 2nd birthday. Because that's what Grandmas do. They don't leave any grandbabies out of the celebration.

The newbies held their own in cake eating...

...but big-cousin Jet really showed them how it's done.

There was much to be thankful for, much to be busy in, much to be happy about.
In fact, I have "Thirty Days of Thankful" to prove it.
(see my facebook album for each days description).

And even though the leaves have blown away and mushy pumpkins have been tossed into the woods. Even though the color palate has gone from yellows and oranges to reds and greens. Long after the leftover turkey is gone last piece of pumpkin pie has been eaten...
We are still Thankful.
After all...we have so much to be thankful for.

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